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Marta Tafalla

PhD in Philosophy and lecturer in Ethics and Aesthetics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Member of the scientific board of the Centre for Animal Ethics at Pompeu Fabra University. Her main area of research is the relationship between animals, humans, and nature from an ethical and aesthetic standpoint. In her academic career she has been a visiting researcher at universities in Freiburg, Münster, Potsdam, and London. Notable among her publications are the novels La Biblioteca de Noé (Noah’s Library – Herder, 2006) and Nunca sabrás a qué huele Bagdad (You’ll Never Know What Baghdad Smells Like – UAB, 2010). She is also editor of the anthology Los derechos de los animales (Animal Rights – Idea Books, 2004). In 2011 she was awarded the Aposta Prize for her study Olfato y anosmia en la apreciación estética (Sense of Smell and Anosmia in Aesthetic Appreciation). Her most recent book is Estética Ecoanimal (Ecoanimal Aesthetics – Plaza y Valdés, 2019), an essay in which she reconsiders our relationship with nature and presents an animalist, ecologist, and multisensory aesthetic approach that is essential for dealing with present-day challenges.

Update: 27 January 2020


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