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Screening of "Isle of Dogs" by Wes Anderson and talk by Tim Allen.

Animac at the CCCB



As a prelude to the festival to be held in Lleida, Animac 2019, the 23rd International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia, presents in Barcelona this year’s latest films and contents focusing on the technique of stop motion and will include a screening of Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson and a talk by Tim Allen, the film’s key animator.


The main theme of this year’s Animac (21-24 February) is the world of stop motion animation, a technique that still by still brings to life plasticine characters, puppets, ceramics, photographs, painted glass and as many other materials as the artist’s imagination can dream of.  

In the words of the director of Animac, Carolina López, "from Starewitch to Wes Anderson, many directors regard stop motion as an unbeatable medium of expression in which all kinds of worlds fit on to a table. The films made with this technique have the physicity of objects and puppets, with a matchless emotional and visual impact. A couple of decades ago it seemed that stop motion would be supplanted by 3D, but nothing could be further from the truth as it is currently experiencing an international resurgence.”

While he is teaching on the master’s degree in Stop Motion Animation at BAU Design College of Barcelona, we will enjoy the presence of the British animator Tim Allen, much in demand by great film directors like Wes Anderson, Tim Burton and Suzie Templeton, among others. He was key animator on Isle of Dogs, Wes Anderson’s most recent film, and together with a great team of professionals and artists he has brought to life a stylised and nostalgic Japan using over 1,000 sophisticated puppets that have inhabited 240 sets. Throughout his long career, Allen has worked on other memorable titles like Fantastic Mr. Fox (Wes Anderson, 2009), Frankenweenie (Tim Burton, 2012), My Life as a Courgette (Claude Barras, 2016) and Peter and the Wolf (Suzie Templeton).

6 pm Animac 2019. Stop motion.

The artistic director of Animac, Carolina López, presents films and contents of this year’s festival in which the usual screenings, talks and special presentations will particularly emphasise the technique of stop motion.

6.15 pm Screening of Isle of Dogs, dir. Wes Anderson, 2018, USA, 101’ Original version with Spanish subtitles (for all ages)

When all the pet dogs of the city of Megasaki are exiled to Trash Island, Atari, the lead boy character, goes in search of his dog Spots. Once there, with the help of his new friends he will set out on a journey that will decide the destiny of the prefecture.

8 pm Tim Allen: How to animate a Wes Anderson film

Talk by the great British animator Tim Allen in which he will reveal the art and craft of animation in Isle of Dogs and other outstanding productions. With questions at the end. (In English).


Animac will be held in Lleida from 21 to 24 February.

Animac 2019 at the CCCB is organised in collaboration with BAU Design College of Barcelona and its master’s degree in Stop Motion Animation. Animac is a not-for-profit cultural activity, organised by Lleida City Council with the support of the ICEC – Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies, the ICAA – Institute of Cinematography and Audio-visual Arts, and CaixaForum Lleida.


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