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Orwell Day 2018

Routes through Orwell’s Barcelona



Every year, the AMIGCE (Association of the International Museum of the Spanish Civil War) collective, promoter of the Orwell Day activities, organises a literary walk through the Barcelona of Homage to Catalonia. This is offered free of charge thanks to the work of several voluntary guides.

The Orwell Route starts with Orwell’s arrival in a city convulsed in a revolutionary climate and goes through to the tragic events of May 1937 and the subsequent Stalinist repression of POUM. This year, there will be three different groups led respectively by Catherine Howley (route in English), Ricard Martínez and Nick Lloyd (routes in Catalan).

Day: June 6th and 13th
Time: 4.30 p.m. (duration one and a half hours)
Price: Free of charge. Limited number of places. For further information and registration (obligatory), please consult the Dia Orwell website.

This activity is part of Orwell Day 2018

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