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Photobook Phenomenon

Photobook Live

A festival-style meeting to discover the local photobooks scene

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In the frame of the exhibition "Photobook Phenomenon", Widephoto organises "Photobook Live", a festival-style meeting for the enjoyment and exhibition of the local photobooks scene, with bookjockey sessions, a market featuring bookstores, publishers and self-publishers from the city, music and an artistic intervention.

“Photobook Live” is a festival-style meeting designed to introduce the local scene generated around the photobook phenomenon. From 18.00 the CCCB hall will be hosting a series of diverse activities to share and highlight the world of the photobook: a bookjockey session, a format that enables the contents of a book to be shown, mixed and shared; a publishers’ fair and a performance. It will also feature the project hevingutaparlardelmeullibre , a speakers’ corner where local authors can talk about their latest work.

This activity will be carried out within the framework of the exhibition “Photobook Phenomenon”.



18.30-19.00 | Jam Book Session with Laia Sabaté and Toni Amengual

19.00-19.30 | Speakers' Corner: Hevenidoahablardemilibro

19.00-21.00 | Performance with Buen Javier

20.00-20.30 | Jam Book Session with Anna Pahissa and Paco Navamuel

20.30-21.00 | Speakers' Corner: Hevenidoahablardemilibro

Mucho Harte Dj will be playing music throughout the evening.

This activity is part of Photobook Phenomenon

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