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On torture



Torture was a key theme of state violence running through Francoism and the transition. Absent from historical research, it has only crept into social debate after a difficult process of recognising its practice, with consequences that affect society and the individuals who were victim to it, but also public policies of reparation and memory. The aim of comparing and contrasting the Spanish case with those of Chile and Argentina is to enhance this debate which is only just beginning, despite the importance that torture has had in our country's contemporary history.

19 February

Social recognition of torture under dictatorships: Spain, Chile and Argentina.

Talk by: Elizabeth Lira (Director of the Ethics Centre of Alberto Hurtado University, Santiago de Chile).
Other speakers: Magda Oranich (lawyer), Anna Miñarro (clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst).
Moderator: Manuel Risques (historian, UB).

20 February

From suffering to victim identity in transition processes and public policies of reparation and memorial.

Talk by: Pilar Calveiro (historian, Benemérita University, Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico).
Other speaker: Isabel Piper (social psychologist, University of Chile).
Moderator: Ricard Vinyes (historian, UB).

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