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Vincenzo Camuccini - La morte di Cesare


On betrayal

Lecture by Avishai Margalit


On the occasion of the publication of his most recent book On Betrayal (Harvard University Press, 2017), in this session, Avishai Margalit reflects on the notion of betrayal and its relationship with ethics and morals.

According to the philosopher Avishai Margalit, the meaning of "betrayal" is surprisingly consistent across cultures and epochs, as what undermines the trust that sustains the relationships that mean most to us. Betrayal is also an ambivalent concept: one's traitor is a hero to another. And while the cornerstone of globalisation is trust among strangers, what gives our lives meaning is a sense of belonging to certain groups and people who often require gestures of compromise and solidarity that require us to side with one group or another.

Presenters: Vicenç Villatoro

Participants: Avishai Margalit

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