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Vicenç Villatoro

Writer and journalist.

Director-General of the CCCB from november 2014 until September 2018.
As a writer, he has published mainly fictional works which have reaped some of the top Catalan literature awards. They prominently include Evangeli gris, La claror de juliol, Memòria del traïdor, Hotel Europa, La ciutat del fum and Un home que se’n va. Some of his books have been translated into Spanish, German, French and Italian. He has also published works of poetry, topical essays, memoirs, and fiction for children and young people. In addition he has written song lyrics and film scripts, and curated several exhibitions, including “Escolta, Espanya”, “Cataluña, tierra de acogida” and “Veus”.

As a journalist, he has worked on the editorial staff of Diario de Terrassa and El Correo Catalán, and at TV3 (Catalan television), especially focusing on the field of culture. He has directed the newspaper Avui, the Catalan Broadcasting Corporation (CCRT) and various culture programmes on TV3 and Canal 33 (Trossos, Crònica tres, Millenium, De llibres). He is a regular contributor to the printed and audiovisual press, such as the newspaper Ara, Catalunya Ràdio, TV3, Revista de Catalunya and El Temps, among others. He taught the subject “Genres of Journalistic Opinion” at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

In the public sphere, he has been Director-General of Cultural Promotion for the Generalitat (Catalan Government), Director of the Institut Ramon Llull and the Fundació Ramon Llull, a member of the Board of Directors of BTV and a member of the Catalan Parliament for CiU.

Update: 8 March 2021



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