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A documentary by Amal Ramsis



A session of the 19th Barcelona International Women’s Film Festival

In the context of the Egypt revolution and the constant news in the media, this documentary by Amal Ramsis is an interesting opportunity to find out about the underlying conflict that has brought Egyptian society out into the streets. The film presents an in-depth analysis of a situation that many other countries may share, in terms of the everyday lives of people talking about their lives and their struggles.

Three months before the revolution of 25 January 2011 in Egypt, the maker of this documentary walked alone through the Cairo streets with her camera, filming under cover, concealed from the police and seeking refuge in the houses of friends, who talk about everything that it is forbidden to say, film, write or think in Egyptian society. This is a testimony to the Egypt of before the revolution of 25 January and an examination of the meaning of the word “FORBIDDEN”, a word that runs through countless aspects of everyday life. The answers to many questions are provided by the revolution, which coincided with the last day of editing of this documentary.


Mamnou (Forbidden), Amal Ramsis, Egypt–Spain, 2011, 67’, Spanish subtitles
Photography: Amal Ramsis
Sound: Nacho R. Arenas
Editing: Octavio Iturbe
Music: Mostafa Mohamed, Ahmed Younes

After the screening, the debate:  Egypt before and after the revolution

With Amal Ramsis, director of the documentary and holder of the Euro-Arab Chair of the Arts and Cultures; Arab Lotfi, film director and lecturer at the American University in Cairo, and Sinisa Sikman, member of CANVAS (, and moderated  by Carme Colomina, Journalist.

Participants: Amal Ramsis, Carme Colomina

This activity is part of OFF-PROGRAM 2011, OFF-PROGRAM

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