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Mar Padilla


With degrees in Anthropology and Journalism, she has worked in Doctors without Borders for many years, reporting on humanitarian crises in Somalia, Sudan, Guatemala, Cambodia, Colombia, Ethiopia, and other countries. She was coordinator of the documentary Invisibles (2008 Goya Award for Best Documentary), which was produced by Javier Bardem and directed by Mariano Barroso, Isabel Coixet, Wim Wenders, Javier Corcuera, and Fernándo León de Aranoa. After working at the CCCB for a year and a half as director of Communication, she is presently employed in the Neighbourhood Plan, a social programme of the Barcelona City Council to combat inequalities in the city’s more vulnerable neighbourhoods. As a journalist, she writes for El País, 5W, JotDown, and Altaïr Magazine.

Update: 21 June 2021


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