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Martian Wikimarathon

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Want to help spread knowledge in Catalan about the red planet? Wikipedia and the CCCB are organizing an internet Martian challenge for earthlings to share everything we know and that fascinates us about our neighbour in the solar system.

From the master astrologers of ancient times to the latest missions to Mars, the red planet has always piqued our curiosity, both scientifically and creatively imagining life beyond Earth. With Mars, The Red Mirror and in collaboration with Wikipedia, the CCCB aims to make the most of the context of this exhibition and the 20th anniversary of the free encyclopaedia in Catalan to launch a challenge: to create as many articles as possible about the Earth and humans’ links with the red planet and its imaginary. For 14 days you’ll be able to write and publish articles about Mars, and take part in this collaborative action to expand and enhance references to Mars on the website in Catalan. 

You’ll find all the information and conditions of this challenge on the Viquiprojecte CCCB/Mart page.

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