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Xcèntric. 2008-2009

Marcel Hanoun: when the cinema thinks the cinema


Since 1955, in feature and short films, in fictions and documentaries, in films about painters, theatre and about local festivities, Marcel Nanoun has always been exploring cinema. His diverse explorations range from the chronicle of a film in progress (Octobre a Madrid) -which offers, from a stranger's the point of view, an unusual and free depiction of censorship in Spain during Franco's Regime- to the reflexion about his own trade using footage obtained with a mobile phone (Insaisissable Image). From Super 8 to 35 mm, from 16 mm to videotape, his works arise from "urgency and need": it is the oeuvre of a craftsman of cinema who works his own materials, the oeuvre of one of the most unknown artists in his field.

Octobre à Madrid, Marcel Hanoun. France, 1964, 70 min, 16 mm
Insaisissable Image, Marcel Hanoun. France, 2007, 19 min, video

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