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The Thinking Machine

Llull: "Au recherche for combinatory essence"

Xcèntric Archive



To complement the exhibition "The Thinking Machine. Ramon Llull and the Ars combinatoria", the Xcèntric Archive has created a playlist that reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the thinking of Ramon Llull (1232-1316).

A selection from the Xcèntric digital film archive.


Opus II, III, IV (Walter Ruttman, 1923, 9’43’’). 

Animated Motion: Part 2 (Norman McLaren y Grant Munro, 1976, 9’). 

Piece Mandala/End War (Paul Sharits, 1966, 4’47”). 

Tritität (Peter Weibel, 1975, 8’43’’).

Piramidas 1972-1984 (Ivan Ladislav Galeta, 1984, 12’). 

L’Amour-Système (Maurice Lemaître, 1979, 15’23’’). 


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