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Les champs de la colère

A documentary by Anne Gintzburger



Our industrialised society is not aware of where our food comes from nor do we know who produces it. This lack of recognition towards farmers and the many economic problems they face mean that suicide is an all-too common choice. In France, a farmer commits suicide every two days.

These women are united, like the five fingers on one hand, and are determined to save their men and to save farming. They are the “black scarves”, a small group of women, farmers and farmers’ wives, who are rallying to raise awareness of the how the agricultural world is suffering. In Normandy and Brittany, these women are in a race against time to withstand the agricultural crisis that’s destroying both farms and families.

Les champs de la colère
Anne Gintzburger, 2019, 72 min, France. In French with Catalan subtitles


Presenters: Gustavo Duch

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