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Francesc Tosquelles

Lateral approaches to "Francesc Tosquelles"

Guided tours of the exhibit by the Nikosia collective

Free with pre-booking

Visit the exhibition "Francesc Tosquelles. Like a sewing machine in a wheat field," accompanied by Nikosia, a collective and association formed and run by people with and without mental suffering experiences, which invites us to discover the figure of the psychiatrist from their point of view. 

For two Thursdays in June, the Nikosia collective gives us an alternative tour of the exhibition rooms. Based on some of the pieces on display, they explain which of the ideas and practices of Tosquelles still have relevance and followers today. The tour includes a final conversation between all the participants.

Nikosia puts many of Tosquelles’ ideas into practice to break with the physical and mental social isolation of people living with mental suffering. This is a demedicalized space that allows individuals with and without a mental health diagnosis to participate in society actively. Through radio and other media of expression, intervention, and social visibility, such as art, poetry and literature, this collective offers a view, lateral and heterogeneous, of madness. And now they are our guides through Francesc Tosquelles' universe.

Participants: Radio Nikosia

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