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laSADCUM presents the first phase of the creative process of Navaja, a dance piece that explores the repercussion of technology and the internet on bodies at the learning and development phase of their sexual and affective relationships.

laSADCUM sketch out Navaja, a dance piece that looks at the influence of digital consumption on the post-internet generation as regards the metallic sexualities created by the influence of pornography and virtual hypersexualization. Navaja explores the impact of audiovisual representations on bodies at the learning stage, from Disney films to adult-content producers, in a ballet-musical featuring young adults who have developed their sexuality according to the canons of the ephebophilic pornography. It is a work that investigates the influence of these representations and dynamics both inside and outside sexual practice, to see how they dictate the behaviour of post-internet society.

Artistic credits

Authorship laSADCUM
Direction and choreography Guillem Jiménez
Assistant direction Vera Palomino
Performers Judit Amengual, Laia Camps, Guillem Jiménez, Wilchaan Roy and Javi Valls
Musical composition DA ROCHA and Guillem Jiménez
Musical collaboration Tarta Relena
Lighting Oscila
Scenography Oriol Corral
Gina Berenguer
Makeup Juan Galo
Production Muntsa Roca - Lila Brick and Blanca Sartorius
Artistic advice Roberto Fratini and Juan Carlos Lérida
Photography Sonia Merval

With the support of CCCB, Fabra i Coats, El Corralito x TNT and Nau Estruch

Curators: Isaac Vila

Participants: laSADCUM

Directors: Guillem Jiménez

This activity is part of Stage Laboratory 2023, Stage Laboratory

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