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Xcèntric. 12th season 2012-2013

Landscape Plus. The cinema of Laida Lertxundi


The cinema of Laida Lertxundi, made in and around Los Angeles, draws out a physical and psychological geography of the area, as well as dismounting cinematographic conventions. This session includes her most recent films and a selection of works in 16 mm by Hollis Frampton, Bruce Baillie and Morgan Fisher, who had a major influence on her work.

Lemon, Hollis Frampton, 1969, 16 mm, sin sonido, 7 min; Footnotes to a House of Love, Laida Lertxundi, 2007, 16 mm, 13 min; My Tears Are Dry, L. Lertxundi, 2009, 16 mm, 4 min; All My Life, Bruce Baillie, 1966, 16 mm, 3 min; Llora cuando te pase (Cry When it Happens), L. Lertxundi, 2010, 16 mm, 14 min; A Lax Riddle Unit, L. Lertxundi, 2011, 16 mm, 5 min; Picture and Sound Rushes, Morgan Fisher, 1974, 16 mm, 11 min; Farce Sensationelle!, L. Lertxundi, 2004, 35 mm, 2 min.

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