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Kosmopolis Programme 2024

Kim Hye-jin and Eva Piquer

Breaking the silences


Kim Hye-jin, one of the most outstanding and original writers of contemporary Korean literature, talks to journalist and writer Eva Piquer about her literary work following the publication of her latest novel Counsel Culture.


With political yet intimate prose and an incisive, minimalist style, Kim Hye-jin's novels have the same effect as ice when you touch it with your hands: you freeze and burn at the same time. This sensation unfolds in front of the ambivalence aroused by the protagonists of her novels. Kim Hye-jin has shown a great ability to adopt original points of view, shying away from the obvious and has made it clear that she prefers to make the reader uncomfortable with complex and ambiguous situations.

His novels Concerning My Daughter (2022) and Counsel Culture (2024), published for the first time in Spanish as Soy toda oídos by Las afueras, deal with themes such as vulnerability, precariousness, cures or the culture of cancellation that are in the marrow of an apparently distant society. In this conversation with journalist and writer Eva Piquer, Kim Hye-jin will talk about her literary universe and her ability to create essential universal stories about the ways of living in the contemporary world.

Organized with Las afueras, Centro Cultural Coreano en España and Casa Ásia.

Moderators: Eva Piquer

Participants: Kim Hye-jin

This activity is part of Kosmopolis Programme 2024

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