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Xcèntric. 2007-2008

James Benning: històries del paisatge




Unknown in our country, James Benning is one of the great cinema producers of the American independent cinema of the last thirty years. His almost thirty films reveal a constant search: for relationships between sound and image, of the scenery, of the cartographic power of cinema. In 1977 Benning filmed the decadent industrial urban scenery of Milwaukee, his city of birth, in 60 plans. “27 years later“ uses extraordinary formal rigour to film what are supposed to be the same plans: the one we see –through the colours, the buildings, the people- is the transformation of the United States. 

One way Boogie Woogie
/ 27 years later
, James Benning, USA, 1977-2004. 120’, 16mm.

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