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Rosa Vilanova

Professor of Catalan language and literature, associated with theater, and cultural activist

Rosa Vilanova is a Catalan language and literature professor with a long career in academic training for young people and adults. Linked to the theatre world, she has expressed her scenic gaze in the direction of very diverse poetic shows, among them the theatrical adaptation of the monologue "La Infanticida" by Víctor Català (2021). 

In 2006 she published El cel de les oques, winner of the third edition of the poetry prize La Catalana de Lletres, organized by Catalunya Cultura. That same year she was included in the anthology Parlano le donne. Poetesse catalane del XXI secolo (Tullio Pironti Editore, 2008). In 2015, she published another poetry collection, La perfecció de la molla.

Update: 31 May 2022

Has participated in

"Infanticide" by Víctor Català

A poetic show by Rosa Vilanova