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III Data Journalism and Open Data Conference


We will be holding the third edition of this conference specialising in data journalism and visualisations of open data for journalistic, scientific and business projects. Sessions will be held in parallel in Barcelona, Pamplona and Madrid between 3 and 7 June. The CCCB will be hosting the sessions on 5 June: a programme of conferences and debates with international experts and a meet-up to share and discover experiences in the local sphere (Hacks&Hackers Barcelona Data & Moritz).

This year the sessions will feature, among other speakers, Al Shaw, journalist from the independent medium Pro Publica, one of the current authorities in investigative and data journalism, Elisabetta Tola, director of the digital medium ‘Formicablu'. Juan Elosua, Open News Fellow on the Argentinian daily La Nación and with Marcos Vanetta, ex Knight-Mozilla Fellow on the Texas Tribune, will explain their view, as programmers, working in media that are pioneers in data journalism. There will also be a presentation of Swiss Leaks, one of the most recent investigative journalism cases that exposed a giant tax evasion scheme allegedly operated with the knowledge and aid of British multinational bank HSBC through its Swiss subsidiary HSBC Private Bank (Suisse).


Programme Mirador

09:30 // Doors open

10:00// Presentation of sessions by Karma Peiró (Open Knowledge Foundation, OKFN).

10:15 // Lecture: “Telling Stories with Software: News Applications at ProPublica”, with Al Shaw (ProPublica).

The data journalist at ProPublica, one of the current authorities in investigative and data journalism, who will talk about the work process for the project “Losing Ground” in which, based on data such as satellite images, photographs, audios and interactive maps, readers discovered that the ground of a large swathe of the state of Louisiana was disappearing under their feet, and that they could do something to stop it. 

11:15 //  Lecture: “ and other experiments: the Italian pathway to data journalism of civic interest, with no Transparency Law and scarce resources”, with Elisabetta Tola,

The director of FormicaBlu will talk about data journalism in Italy, focusing on the project, a web lab that was launched in 2013 as a space for learning and experimentation where journalists may publish their work.

12:45 // Debate: “Data in newsrooms”. Round table with Jesús Escudero (El Confidencial), Isaac Salvatierra (, Joaquí Castellón (La Sexta) and Ismael Nafría (La Vanguardia). Moderator: Karma Peiró

14:00//  Lunch

16:00// Lecture: “The Fondo del Agua (Water Fund) investigation or how to humanize data”, with Jesús Escudero (El Confidencial).

17:00 // Discussion: “The programmer’s perspective. Data at La Nación (Argentina)”, with Juan Elosua (Knight-Mozilla Fellow)

18:00 // Face to face: “Entrepreneurial data journalists”, with Idoia Sota ( and Antonio Delgado.

19:15// Hacks&Hackers Barcelona Data + Moritz:: Short presentations of different cases of local data journalism cases. Every 5 minutes, meet the protagonists of projects: journalists, programmers and designers who are investigating and visualizing data. A good opportunity for networking while having a few beers. WIth:

> OpenGov – Pedro Gracia
> VisualMaps
> Geoinquiets
> 300.000km/s – Pablo Martínez y Mar Santamaría
> Barcelona / Madrid Footprints –  Xavi Giménez
> – David Nogué
> El mapa del agua en Cataluña – Aigua és vida
> Minería de perfiles políticos en Twitter: El caso del PP, PSOE y Podemos – Juan Linares (Outliers)
> Observatoris Ciutadans Municipals – Sònia Farré
> El mapa de la desigualdad – BCN en comú
> BCN Analytics
> Districte15 – Lali Sandiumenge
> Equipo ganador del Hackathon de Datos Kosmopolis


Programme Aula 2

16:30 // Lecture: “Finodex and the open data business opportunity”, with J. Manrique López, of ASOLIF (Federation of Free Software Enterprises)

17:45 // Round table: “Open Data, problems and solutions”. Different professionals who are working with Open Data:Luis Ángel Fernández Hermana, David Nogué, Florencia Kliczkowski, Enric Pons, Ignasi Labastida, Marc Garriga, Alexis Culubret, and others.


Between 3 and 7 June, the event continues with workshops and a Hackathon at the Blanquerna School of Communication and at CaixaForum. You can consult the complete programme at:


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