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I talk automatically and I’m everyone at once

Performative training of a chatbot with Núria Nia and Citlali Hernández

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Artists Citlali Hernánez and Núria Nia present this workshop as a performative laboratory. Participants will jointly build a chatbot with artificial intelligence. The bot will come to “life” in a participatory performance that emulates a video game combat.

Together with the participants, Citlali Hernández and Núria Nia will construct and train the structures and the data that give life to an artificial intelligence bot, making it possible to hold a conversation with the future robot and visualize the human and technological frameworks that bring it to life.

In this workshop we will use our mobile devices, tablets or computers to build our own unique, personalized database. With this body of data, we can start to train an artificial intelligence bot to begin to form sentences and even give us answers to our questions. We will also see the combination of words that the bot uses to answer us, and be able to change the guidelines to observe its functioning and make this interaction a participatory performance.

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