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I+C+i. Research and innovation in the cultural sphere

I+C+i. Distributed Economy

With Platoniq and Charles Leadbeater



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We will dedicate the last session of the year to taking up again the topic of the economy of contribution and focus on microfinance. We will see how the current models of Giving 2.0, a mode of online donations mostly applied to entrepreneurship, can be applied to the creative sector.


10:00 -14:00: Workshop “Goteo. Cultura de la microfinanciación” with Platoniq (Mirador CCCB / registration required)

A workshop to study models of Giving 2.0 and to observe the viability of these experiences and tools in the creative sector from the experience acquired by Platoniq with its project GOTEO, a microfinance platform for cultural innovation.

The workshop is divided into two parts. The first is dedicated to deepening our knowledge of the platforms and to reviewing the current significant cases, and also to show the main characteristics of the GOTEO model, currently under development. In the second part, a decision is taken by the participants on how and on which type of projects the money obtained through the enrolments in the workshop will be distributed. This experimental exercise is the starting point for discussion, improvement, extension or reduction of the functions of the future platform.



18:00: Presentation of the Goteo project by Platoniq (CCCB Auditorium / Free Entrance)

GOTEO is an investigation which aims to launch a digital platform in order to form a social network of microfinance and distribution of resources for the creative sector, which will help in the development of social, cultural, educational and technological projects committed to free culture and the strengthening of the commons. GOTEO is a project developed by Platoniq with the support of the CCCBLab, the National Council of Culture and the Arts of Catalonia and the Culture Institute of Barcelona. During the presentation we will talk about the project as well as the progress of the morning’s workshop.

Further information on GOTEO on YOUCOOP.ORG.


19:00-21:00 h: Debate “Cloud Culture” with Charles Leadbeater (CCCB Auditorium / Free entrance)

Charles Leadbeater is a financial journalist who has become a consultant in innovation. He is recently working on the so-called amateur revolution (The Pro-Am Revolution). In his latest book Cloud Culture: the future of global cultural relations, he explores how an increase in cloud computing might change our culture and questions whether the platform could lead to a new, more cosmopolitan global culture which is at the same time connected and diverse, and situating itself in favour of what he calls the open cloud.

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