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From Doodles to Pixels. Over One Hundred Years of Spanish Animation

Humor and Carnage



El Papus Magazine produced the first animated feature for adults in 1979, Historias de amor y masacre, made up of shorts by the most caustic artists of their time – Óscar, Gila, Ivà, Perich, Chumy Chúmez and Jordi Amorós (JA) ‒ joined together by the latter. This is the least politically correct and the most aggressive programme in the cycle. As all the bad did not disappear during the democratic transition, we've included later works that are political or social in nature and some reflecting conspiracy theory paranoia, on controversial subjects like immigration, consumerism, domestic violence or abuse of power. To whet your appetite, we've included two of the oldest shorts in the programme dealing with political themes in a satirical manner: La bronca and Cambó i l’autonomia, dating back to the early twentieth century. You can also enjoy the work of Sam before Possessed and films as recent as the iconoclast Amor de mono from the collective from Madrid, Trimono.

La bronca, Anónimo, 1917, 1’23”

Cambó i l’autonomia, Anónimo, 1918, 40”

La edad de piedra, Gabriel Blanco with Chumy Chúmez sketches, 1965, 11’09

Pasión siega (excerpt from Historias de amor y masacre), Jordi Amorós, 1979, 13’

Caracol, col, col, Pablo Llorens, 1995, 12’

Cirugía, Alberto González Vázquez, 2006, 2’20”

Vicenta, Sam, 2010, 22’13”

Amor de mono, Trimono, 2015, 4’

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