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Workshop: sold out | Performance: free admission, limited capacity

Grec. Festival de Barcelona

How do we train for an unknown future?

Performing arts workshop and closing performance with the company José y sus hermanas

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The theatre company José y sus hermanas is organizing a workshop for 15-18 year-olds to think, imagine, share and put into practice the process of creating a show that imagines a future beyond utopias and dystopias. On the last day there ill be a show, open to the public.

The future is a desert, some say. An unspoiled botanical garden, say others. And what if neither of these two options is true, ask José y sus hermanas. What future can we imagine beyond desperate dystopias and impossible utopias that are always so far away? For this theatre company, the future depends on what we do with our bodies, here and now, and it suggests we imagine how we can train for an uncertain future.

In this workshop, the company will be sharing its working method with a group of young people. It will be inviting participants to work together to prepare a five-minute fragment of performance, revealing the dynamics that are established in a process of collective creation in which what is unique is transformed, passed on and mixed. At the end of the week’s work, this entire practice will be materialized in a show, open to the public.

Participants: José y sus hermanas

This activity is part of Grec 2022, Grec. Festival de Barcelona

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