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Langue des oiseaux (Érik Bullot, 2022)

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Xcèntric 2023

Filmmaker's word: Érik Bullot

Masterclass at the Xcèntric Archive


Free with pre-booking

As part of Paraula d’Autor (a series of presentations in video format of films from the Archive Xcèntric by their makers), we invite filmmakers with work in the catalogue to explain their creative process in a masterclass that enables an intimate dialogue with the persons present. In this session, organized in collaboration with the Filmoteca de Catalunya, filmmaker Érik Bullot will be talking about the relations between his filmic practice and the question of language.

In Érik Bullot’s films, different languages are heard, eccentric linguistic situations occur and situations of translation, plays on words and misunderstandings abound. His work offers amusing and ironic plays on language as a plastic material, susceptible to deformation. For a few years now, the filmmaker has also taken an interest in performative statements (can you make a film with words?) and given performative talks. His most recent films explore the power of language to create new filmic or political situations. His most recent, Langue des oiseaux (2022),* looks at the language of birds. The filmmaker will comment on these different aspects of his practice based on excerpts from his films.

Afterwards, guided by the filmmaker, participants will be able to visit the exhibition Cinema Paper dedicated to him by the Filmoteca de Catalunya.

*This film will be screened at the Filmoteca de Catalunya on 29 November at 20:30, with a presentation by the filmmaker.

Directors: Érik Bullot

This activity is part of Xcèntric 2023

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