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Xcèntric 2023

Film projection workshop

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Xcentric is offering a theoretical and practical workshop on film projection given by the CCCB projectionist Xavier Massó, a professional with extensive experience in both commercial and avant-garde cinema. Participants will learn to project in 35mm and 16mm and discover the ins and outs of a little-known profession that’s nevertheless essential for showing films and for cinematography in general.

First of all, the workshop will cover how cinema has evolved from its origins up to the present day, looking at the different materials (nitrate, cellulose, acetate, polyester), supports and formats of analogue film (35mm, 16mm, 7mm, 8mm, Super-8...) and the sound systems (optical, magnetic, digital), as well as how all these variables affect the work of the film projectionist. Next we’ll learn how to operate 35 and 16mm projectors, their possibilities and accessories, such as the different projection windows and lenses corresponding to the various film formats.

Participants will also learn how to properly handle rolls of film, how to mount film on reels, how to thread it into 35mm and 16mm projectors, how to project, focus and use other common devices such as the rewinder and splicer, as well as how to detect and resolve the problems that tend to arise during projection.

We’ll also discuss the difference between working in the commercial field, where projectionists should go unnoticed, and the field of experimental cinema, where unique skills are often required, such as multiple projections, loops or the reproduction of the image as sound.

The workshop includes a visit to the projection booth at the CCCB.

Participants: Xavier Massó

This activity is part of Xcèntric 2023

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