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Lateral Views of “Sade: Freedom or Evil”

Erotic Alterities: Subculture, Pleasure and Persecution

With Anneke Necro

Courses and workshops

As a dominatrix and alternative pornographic film professional, Anneke Necro employs dissident desire as her primary resource, constituted as the guiding principle for this exhibition visit.

Alternative sexualities have traditionally been sites of struggle, where culture, community and aesthetics enable contact with alterity and the creation of critical discourses related to heterosexuality, gender and elites. This visit takes desire beyond normativity as its guiding principle, conceiving it as an endangered counter-cultural expression and way of life in the face of new notions of punishment and control, as applied above all in digital environments. We explore the impact of Sade in contemporary sexuality, in a time when erotica is in crisis.

Participants: Anneke Necro

This activity is part of Sade, Lateral Views of “Sade: Freedom or Evil”

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