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Anneke Necro

A professional dominatrix, Necro is an actress, director and screenwriter for pornographic cinema at Mantis Lab, her own production house and independent art laboratory. Necro explores and supports exploration of dissident desire through consensual practice of BDSM, as well as through her film production, where she defends the free development of desire from the perspective of an inclusive feminist gaze. She does the podcast Hot Topic, on sexuality and feminism, and collaborates habitually in communication media, such as the programmes Tardeo, for Radio Primavera Sound, and Les dones i els dies, for Catalunya Ràdio. She is also an activist for sexual worker rights, and advocates independent pornographic production in contrast to major production platforms.

Update: 5 May 2023

Has participated in

Erotic Alterities: Subculture, Pleasure and Persecution

With Anneke Necro