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Electronic scene

Electronic cultures under debate



The CCCB is organising a conference that aims to provide a point of meeting and exhibition for reflection on the various ways of looking at electronic musics, their relation with techno, and their social, cultural and even political roles...


Many years have passed since the emergence of what we now quite naturally call electronic music. We've gone from early minority manifestations to the Sonar Festival as a marked international referent.

Over the three days, there'll be debates, concerts and screenings as a basis for dialogue between the various electronic cultures.


Thursday 21

5 p.m. Film: electrònica 1

6 p.m. Gunter Geiger and Ross Bencina
The mass use of technology and production means. Open-code software-to use or not to use?

7.15 p.m. Carmen Pardo
Monopolisation of the broadcasting of sound messages, noise, music and silence by the powers that be

8.30 p.m. CONCERT: Justin Bennet

Friday 22

5 p.m. Film: electrònica 2

6 p.m. Oriol Rosell
Electronic music and means of diffusion. New forms of exhibition

7.15 p.m. Javier Blánquez
Listening and consuming in electronic musics

8.30 p.m. CONCERT: Cristian Vogel and Evol: Màgia Potàgia

Saturday 23

11 a.m. Film: electrònica 3

6.30 p.m. Silvia Grijalba, Javier Colis, Xabier Erkizia, Orquestra del Caos and Advanced Music.

Moderator: Xavier Maristany.
On the musical structure of electronic musics

8.30 p.m. CONCERT: Coeval: Fin de nada, La ruta del perrillo and Ranchito.

Participants: Xavier Maristany, Javier Colis, Xabier Erkizia, Gunter Geiger, Ross Bencina, Carme Pardo Salgado, Oriol Rossell, Javier Blánquez, Justin Bennet, Cristian Vogel

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