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From Doodles to Pixels. Over One Hundred Years of Spanish Animation




In this session we will screen works of the Spanish animation pioneers  (Segundo de Chomón, Josep Serra i Massana, among others) combined with pieces of two contemporary authors, Javier Mariscal and Calpurnio Pisón. Presentation by Carolina López (curator), Mariona Bruzzo and Rosa Cardona, from the film archive of Filmoteca de Catalunya.

The programme starts out with a short by Segundo de Chomón, the illustrious pioneer who worked in Spain, France and Italy. His short The Gold Spider is one of the most admirable pieces in his filmography with some stunning animation sequences for the time. Some vintage promotional spots using nitrate film were collected for this event, like Radio RCA (around 1935) by Enrique Ferrán, created in Barcelona during the Second Spanish Republic. A few ads by the productive Mr. Serra I Massana and other more satirical unknown artists, La bronca and Cambó i l’autonomia (around 1918), were also restored. These films demonstrate the strength of on-screen graphic humour. K-Hito (En los pasillos del congreso, 1932) and José Escobar (El fakir González) were both writers and directors. During this period, political, social comics were all the rage.

Later, Javier Mariscal (Chico & Rita) and Calpurnio Pisón, two other popular contemporary cartoonists, started making animation films based on their trademark characters Los Garriris and Cuttlas.



L’Araignée d’or, Segundo de Chomón, 1908, 8’40’’

(A film from the Lobster Collection)

En los pasillos del congreso, K-Hito (Ricardo García), 1932, 2’

Alimentos de régimen Santiveri, Josep Serra i Massana, 1932-1935, 2’11’’

Tabú, colorete en polvo, Josep Serra i Massana, 1933, 1’08’’

Radio RCA, Enrique Ferrán, circa 1935, 2’

El fakir González buscador de oro, Joaquim Muntañola, 1942, 8’12”

Juanito va de caza, Salvador Mestres, 1942, 8’

El cascabel de Zapirón, Josep Escobar, 1943, 8’

Don Cleque flautista, Jaume Baguñà, 1944, 8’12’’

Garabatos: Manolete, Jaume Baguñà and Manuel Díaz, 1943-44, 8’

Los tambores de Fu-Aguarrás, Jaume Baguñà, 1945, 9’10”

El bueno de Cuttlas, Calpurnio Pisón, 1991, 8’48”

Amarillo verano, Javier Mariscal, 2013, 4’40”

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