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«Directed by Women Spain»

Short Film Sessions



The international film festival Directed by Women Spain joins the celebration of International Women’s Day with a selection of short films of all cinematic genres to claim the visibility of women’s audiovisual creation. Since cinema is not a question of genre, the festival will be back in September 2019 to celebrate the fifth edition of the festival in different cities in Spain.

Short film sessions


Al Aman: Barcelona - Beirut
Dania Saliba Rodríguez
(Spain, 2017) Documental, 15'

Najwa and Meera don’t know each other. One lives in Beirut, the other in Barcelona. One wants to be a film director, the other wants to be a doctor. What do they have in common? Both of them are 17 and fled Syria to escape the war. Now they have to find their place in societies that don’t always make them feel welcome. On both sides of the Mediterranean, they embody the different pieces of their identity: women, refugees and teenagers... with pride.
Language: Arabic, Spanish. Original version with Spanish subtitles.


Living on a fly
Lula Gómez y Jordi Piulach
(Spain, 2016) Animation 2'

In 1963, a genetically altered fly escaped from a military lab. But in the process, it accidentally ended up in a woman’s mouth.
Language: no dialogue.


Sally Fenaux Barleycorn
(Netherlands, 2015) Science-Fiction, 5'

In a society where human beings have done everything to avoid direct physical contact, sexual act becomes an intolerable act of rebellion.
Language: English. Original version with Spanish subtitles.


El niño y el erizo
Anna Solanas i Marc Riba  
(Spain, 2016) Animation, 3'
A child climbs a slope and at the top he meets a curious hedgehog.
Language: no dialogue


Tryouts. La Prueba
Susana Casares, 
(Spain, 2013) Drama, 14'

Nayla is an American girl who lives in a small town in the US. She’s excited to join the cheerleading group at her high school. She rehearses hard for it. And she’s good at it. But she is a Muslim and wears a veil (with the team colours). According to the competition panel, the hijab must be removed from her head if she wants to be admitted. Nayla longs to achieve her dream without giving up on herself. Faced with such a dilemma, the only solution she has left is to manage to get her way.
Language: English. Original version with Spanish subtitles.


El lucero
Patricia Galán i Marcos Álvarez
(Spain, 2017) Animation, 3'

The city is brimming with a great halo of light. For several years now, night skies have been painted in such a vibrant yellow that the real night has been turned off. Lucio, a 78-year-old man observes the twinkling of streetlights in the big city from the top of a nearby mountain. A cliff where years ago he could feel the real night light.
Language: no dialogue.


The hive
Sheila Avellaneda
(Hong Kong, 2018) Documental, 3'

There are more than 20,000 species of bees in the world. Bees can survive all over the world except Antarctica. Each of them has a function and they work to build their hives.
Language: English. Original version with Spanish subtitles.


Chico sensible
Anna Karinvinge
(Spain, 2018) Drama, 4'

Chico sensible tells us the story of six friends in post-Olympic Barcelona and their sensitive perspective on existence. Meet Miki, Ari, Irene, Mila, Daniel and Manel.
Language: English. Original version with Spanish subtitles.


Directora: Valle Comba Canales
(Spain, 2016) Animation, 3'

Uka is a girl who lives alone in an abandoned, grey factory. As she paints one of her paintings, she finds a way to change the way she sees her world.
Language: no dialogue.


Para ayer
Celia Galán
(Spain, 2018) Comedy, 6'

An emerging production company introduces itself in the offices of an advertising agency. After a meeting full of challenging briefings and unfeasible deadlines, filmmakers will have to decide how far they want to go to get the commission.
Language: Spanish.

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