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Biennial of Thought

Dialogue between Álvaro Enrigue and Juan Pablo Villalobos

Dialogues for Thinking about Diversity


Is it possible to go beyond intermingling and cultural exchange when thinking about society and contemporary culture? Population flows are the pattern in a globalised world in which identities are being diluted and superimposed, and in which a mosaic is being constructed, contributing towards collective enrichment everywhere. However, they are also giving rise to tensions and fears which are sometimes translated into politics of exclusion and even closing borders. In a world where identities are multiple and undergoing a continuous process of transformation, where migration and movement affect millions of people, thinking about coexistence would seem to be an essential task.

Mexico’s frontier has seen more crossings than any other in the world. The writer Álvaro Enrigue will speak about this borderland, the tensions, the anguish of deportation, and the feeling of loving the land that rejects you.

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