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From Doodles to Pixels. Over One Hundred Years of Spanish Animation

Destino Hollywood (and beyond)



Adept for spotting the most talented artists, Disney called on Dalí in the 1940s to draw up a film that would be made much later, Salvador Dalí, Destino (2003). Over the years big studios abroad have counted on Spanish artists and other professionals in various animation sectors: Amblimation (Raúl García), Disney (Carlos Baena, Lorelai Bové), Pixar (Rodrigo Blaas, Charlie Ramos), DreamWorks (Grangel Studio, Víctor Vinyals) and Aardman (Pascual Pérez). We've also assembled the personal work of Guillermo Garía Carsí, the creator of Pocoyó, the innovative series watched by millions of little ones all over the world; the first short that Charlie Ramos made at the time when working at Pixar was only a dream to him; a silly fake commercial by Adrià García and Víctor Maldonado (now at the head of Headless Studio), after Nocturna (2007); Enrique Gato's first short where his eponymous hero came to life, Tadeo Jones (2004); as well as How to Cope With Death (2002) by Ignacio Ferraras, who gained the recognition he needed to make his first feature, Wrinkles (2011), based on the graphic novel by Paco Roca.


The Metamorphosis Part 1, Charlie Ramos, 1998, 7’50”

Top Gum, Víctor Vinyals, 2001, 2’20”

How to Cope With Death, Ignacio Ferreras, 2002, 3’02”

Tadeo Jones, Enrique Gato, 2004, 10’

The Tell-Tale Heart, Raul García, Spain-USA, 2005, 10’

Alma, Rodrigo Blaas, Spain-USA, 2009, 5’21”

Doomed: A Biological Cartoon!, Guillermo García Carsí, 2011, 10' 25’’

Historia d’Este, Pascual Pérez, 2011, 7’

Strange Oaks, Headless Studio, 2013, 1’09”

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