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Desierto Líquido [Liquid Desert]

A documentary by Alba Azaola and Daniel Carrasco



Filmed in Spain, Mauritania and Senegal, Desierto líquido analyses some of the problems of overfishing linked to the disappearance of resources and the vicious circle that underlies it all.

We have turned the sea into a liquid desert, now that traditional, sustainable fishing has disappeared. Over the decades, we have emptied the oceans through the use of new technologies, producing serious environmental and social problems. Furthermore, Africa feeds Europe through farming and fishing agreements that give rise to inequality and migration. We import fish and we deport people.

Alimentum is a short season of documentary screenings and debates to analyse the impact that the effects of climate change will have on our food, the repercussions of the economic policies being applied to the food industry, and the environmental impact of food production.

The debate after the screening will feature Alba Azaola and Daniel Carrasco (documentary’s directors), Lydia Chaparro (ecology activist and biologist specialising in marine ecology and an expert in fishing management and policy), Lamine Bathily (member of the union of “manteros”) and Gustavo Duch (coordinator of magazine Soberania Alimentaria).


Desierto líquido [Liquid Desert], Alba Azaola and Daniel Carrasco, 2016, Spain, 69’, VOSE (in Spanish with English subtitles)

Alba Azaola is a biologist, oceanographer and illustrator, she has worked in the tertiary sector, in education and on various audiovisual projects as director and animator. Desierto líquido is her first full-length documentary.

Daniel Carrasco is a journalist and documentary-maker, he has worked in Barcelona’s local media (radio, newspapers and television) and in the tertiary sector. Other documentaries he has directed include Don’t forget: Veus més enllà de l’oblit, Blue Hope Tuna and Las Piedras de Aholi. He is currently a print media contributor.

This activity is part of Alimentum

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