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Xcèntric. 2008-2009

Darezhan Omirbaev


Omirbaev's first films bring us back to the essence of cinema: stories of adolescent awakening to the world and the director's delicate shots transport us from the steppes of the Soviet masters to the trembling of love and eroticism. Kairat is the discovery of the city and desire and Kardiogramma is the evocation of another autobiographic passage: Omirbaev, who only spoke his native language, was sent as a child to a sanatorium in the city where they only spoke Russian. "The films that I've liked in the past few years, like Kairat, are films that require the camera, that base themselves on this need in order to project what they have to say." (Godard)

Shilde (July), Darezhan Omirbaev. Kazakhstan, 1988, 26 min., 35mm
Kairat, Darezhan Omirbaev. Kazakhstan, 1991, 72 min., 35mm
Kardiogramma (Cardiogram), Darezhan Omirbaev. Kazakhstan, 1995, 75 min., 35mm

Directors: Darezhan Omirbaev

This activity is part of Xcèntric. February - March 2009, Xcèntric. 2008-2009

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