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Biennial of Thought 2022

Cristina Rivera Garza, Lina Meruane and Gabriela Wiener

Braiding: Saints, Weird, Mestizas

Debate + Scene


Three key voices in contemporary literature present a performative colloquium on coloniality and violence with audiovisual elements by artist Ale Hop.

Three women, six hands braid a performative colloquium on coloniality and violence. They pray, raising their supplications in community prayer, holding a ceremony for the dead, and giving voice to plants and animals onstage in the Pati de les Dones at the CCCB. A conversation-performance in three voices, this is the result of a joint exercise in writing, relationally forged, and starting from threads that cross through the lives and work of three writers who are now seminal: Cristina Rivera Garza, Lina Meruane, and Gabriela Wiener. From spirituality, animism, necropolitics, and frontiers, they also explore the colonial wound and its antidotes, privilege, the risks of whitening oneself, exclusions, the de-identifications of “being woman”, and the violence of academia. They will be accompanied by the artist, researcher, and experimental instrumentalist Ale Hop.

Also during the Biennale, dramatic reading of the play "Esa cosa animal", written by Lina Meruane.

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Biennial of Thought 2022

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