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Xcèntric. 2008-2009

Contemporary Experimental Finnish Film


The first of the screenings of little-known but high-quality film productions, selected with a view to going beyond the Euro-centrism and Americanism that invade us, overwhelming and overshadowing the many other film projects that exist. Experimental Finnish film perhaps does not work with contents directly associated with said nationality, but it is in tune with the latest contemporary movements emerging from such path-breaking countries as Austria. And it advances not only under the weight of conventional avant-garde and experimental cinema.

_"_, Seppo Renvall. Finland, 1995, 5 min., 16 mm / video
Deep Six, Sami van Ingen. Finland, 2007, 7 min., 35 mm
Zoom, Juha van Ingen. Finland, 1996, 1 min., video
Texas Scramble, Sami van Ingen, Finland, 1996, 21 min., 16 mm
(Dis)integrator, Juha van Ingen. Finland, 1992, 4 min., video
The Sequent of Hanna Ave., Sami van Ingen. Finland, 2006, 5 min., 35 mm
As Seen on Television, Denise Ziegler. Finland, 1996, 3 min., video
Routemaster, Ilppo Pohjola. Finland, 1999, 15 min., 8/35 mm

Directors: Seppo Renvall, Sami van Ingen, Juha van Ingen, Denise Ziegler, Ilppo Pohjola

This activity is part of Xcèntric. February - March 2009, Xcèntric. 2008-2009

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