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Biennial of Thought

Concert by Yacine Belahcene



Yacine Belahcene is a singer with an Algerian father and a Catalan mother. He moved to Barcelona after living in Algiers until the age of 13. He made his début with Cheb Balowski and since then he has led different groups such as Nour, Rumbamazigha and finally Yacine & the Oriental Groove.

With the electric staging, Belahcene sails through the Mediterranean claiming its musicality without complexes with sonorities that resonate to the ports of Algiers, Marseille or Barcelona. They are distant but bathed by the same sea, fleeing any stereotype built without any base, fruit of the prejudices of our neighbourhoods and cities. At the concert, he will be accompanied by Massinissa Aït-Ahmed (guembri and bass guitar), Gabriel Fletcher (guitar) and Alexandre Guitart (percussion).

 The eclectic journey through the suburbs of the Mediterranean proposed by Yacine, with a mix of electric Arab rock and Catalan rock, will take place immediately after the event “Dialogues for Thinking about Diversity”, which consists of three conversations about cultural diversity between Álvaro Enrigue and Juan Pablo Villalobos (6 p.m.), NoViolet Bulawayo and Gemma Parellada (7 p.m.), and Sabri Louatah and Najat El Hachmi (8 p.m.).

For further information on this event, please see the IEMed website.

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