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Xcèntric. 2008-2009

City and Landscapes. Peter Hutton (1972-2004)


The work of Peter Hutton, an American portrait painter on whom the MOMA has just organised a comprehensive retrospective exhibition, is still unknown among us. We present four of his most important pieces which cover his career from 1972 to 2004. Over the years, Hutton has filmed his trips around the world, often in cargo ships, intimate views of the city, the landscape and the atmospheric effects in dialogue with the cinema producers -Yasujiro Ozu, in New York, Near Sleep (for Saskia), where he catches the effects of the sunlight and the moon on urban geometry, photographers -Atget, catching a world that disappears (Lodz, 19th century industrial city), or painters -a landscape by Thomas Cole over the river Hudson, from 1833, in In Titan's Goblet. From New York to the fiords of Skagafjördur in Iceland, Hutton's travels are a meditation on light and time.

New York, Near Sleep (for Saskia), Peter Hutton. United States, 1972, 10 min, 16 mm
Lodz Symphony, Peter Hutton. United States, 1991-93, 20 min, 16 mm
In Titan's Goblet, Peter Hutton. United States, 1991,10 min, 16 mm
Skagafjördur, Peter Hutton. United States, 2002-04, 35 min, 16 mm

Directors: Peter Hutton

This activity is part of Xcèntric. Mai - June 2009, Xcèntric. 2008-2009

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