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Brain Film Fest

Brain Film Fest 2024

International Film Festival about the Brain

Audiovisuals + Festivals

“The ages of the brain”, or how the human brain changes and transforms over time, is the main focus of this year's 7th Brain Film Fest. A festival that presents screenings, round tables, talks and workshops, as well as the Solé Tura Award. All this and more at the film festival about the brain.

From the moment we're born, our brain accompanies and matures with us. The ages of the brain and its relationship with the development and evolution of the human species has always been an object of study, has inspired and resulted in metres and metres of film. The importance of the senses and breastfeeding in shaping the brain of infants; of endorphins and interaction with social media in the emotional states of teenagers; and of telomers and cognitive bias in ageing are just a few examples of this.

Once again the Brain Film Fest comes to Barcelona with the desire, through film, to share and reflect on the capacities of the brain and the changes it undergoes at each moment in our lives, as well as how this results in different emotional states, perceptions, feelings, disorders, etc. Our aim is to talk about the brain and the emotions of infants and adolescents, of the difference between ageism and ageing and how we treat the elderly, of the various ways the brain matures depending on biological gender and of the world of menopause, but also of the challenges posed by artificial intelligence and how it can help us to decipher the brain's biological age, which is not the same as its chronological age.

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