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Big Bounce

Dance show and workshop in family with Big Bouncers


Big Bouncers present the show that gave them their name: Big Bounce. The piece is a journey in space and body, focused on movement and the word, which plays at unfolding possible futures derived from the same origin or Big Bang. At the end, the group will hold a family dance workshop to use these tools and play.

There is a scientific theory that interprets the Big Bang phenomenon as the result of a collapse of an earlier universe; it is a hypothesis that presents the cosmos as a cyclical or oscillating model. Are we living in the first universe ever created? Or are we at number two billion? Based on this theory, we could be inhabiting any universe in an infinite sequence.

The show Big Bounce picks up these ideas, shaking established concepts about space and time, to question the temporality of the stage by means of bodies that are constantly transformed, replacing and complementing each other. The title of the piece connects with the Big Bang not just through science and sound, but also through symbolism: the whole show reflects on the concept of origin and the possible futures that can unfold from here. Its bases are movement and the word. The collective therefore proposes a family dance workshop after the function to use these tools and play. Everyone, irrespective of their age and experience in dance, is invited.

Big Bounce was awarded the Sebastià Gasch Prize in recognition of upcoming creation, FAD 2015.

Presenters: Big Bouncers

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