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Cartographies of invisible cities

Besòs, gateway and border

A walk with Jordi Gol


Where does the city begin and end? What is my relation to those “paths of desire” that are not marked on the map? How can we read the territory, as though it were a novel to be interpreted through its symbolism and its scars?

The river, with the bridges and train tracks that connect Barcelona with its metropolitan area, is one of the main landscapes of Paseos con mi madre (Tusquets, 2011), in which Javier Pérez Andújar shares a lyric of the city in which blocks of flats, empty sites and industrial areas form a language that is also the creation of community and collective commitment.

This walk is a tribute to the memory of the recently deceased poet Pedro Cano, one of the great cultural dynamizers of the city.


Curator: Albert Lladó

Participants: Jordi Gol

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Cartographies of invisible cities

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