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Turkey, at the margins of Europe

Authoritarianism and Censorship

Lecture by Zeynep Oral


Postdemocratic authoritarianism advances in Turkey and in the Western world. How should we stand up to it? Lecture by Zeynep Oral, Turkish cultural journalist.

In Turkey the freedoms of expression and of the press clash with an increasingly stark bulwark of censorship and, at the same time, Europe is backsliding in its liberal values. This context, together with Donald Trump’s victory in the American presidential elections, raises the essential question of the extent to which these deviations extend beyond the limits of present circumstances. Will Turkish society get used to living under coercion which has the support of some of the population? Which particular contributions might the realms of the press, culture and feminism make in the struggle against nominally democratic but authoritarian regimes?

Lecture by Zeynep Oral, cultural journalist.

Presented by: Carme Colomina, journalist.

Presenters: Carme Colomina

Participants: Zeynep Oral

This activity is part of Turkey, at the margins of Europe

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