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Concerts, workshops and self-publishing market to celebrate the return of Gutter Fest

Festivals + Music


On Saturday 13 May, the Pati de les Dones courtyard of the CCCB will become the stage for Anti-Gutter, the lead-up to Gutter Fest, the sound and graphic self-publishing and micro-publishing fair. Over 50 artists will be taking part with their own stand. There’ll be workshops, live music throughout the day and free admission with pre-booking to the exhibition "Graphic Constellation" from 19.00 to 01.00.

After three years without Gutter Fest, Barcelona’s independent self-publishing festival reopens its doors on 19 and 20 May at Can Batlló. To celebrate its return, and coinciding with the exhibition "Graphic Constellation", the team of Gutter Fest and the CCCB are organizing a warm-up party on Saturday 13 May, from 11.00 to 23.00, with a market, concerts and workshops. Anti-Gutter will be happening in the Pati de les Dones courtyard, with free admission. Plus, coinciding with the Night of Museums, there’ll be free admission with prior reservation to the exhibition from 19.00 to 01.00.

Gutter Fest is Barcelona independent self-publishing festival, an annual event that has been held since 2013. It was created as an open, participatory space for a community which, totally independently, investigates, experiments and celebrates the printed processes of graphic and sound self-publishing, micro-publishing and independent publishing. In addition to the publication fair, there’ll be concerts, workshops, exhibitions and other activities related to the world of self-publishing.



13.00  Tarro con piedras

14.00  El maletín de Maravillas del Dr. Ferreiro

17.00  Rombo

18.00  Corazón

19.00  Diego Lorenzini 

20.00  Tronco 



11.00  Family workshop at La Comiquera: “Big Bang Comic! An expanding constellation of comic strips” with Marta Cartu. Paid workshop within the educational program “Graphic Constellation” at the CCCB. More information and registration.

12.00  Activity for the kids: With no rhyme or reason! DADA fanzine workshop with Julia Abalde. The Dadaists were a group of miscreant artists who laughed at serious art and found freedom in the mad and the nonsensical. In this workshop, we’ll put their methods to the test, creating a fanzine at random using techniques such as collage, drawing and automatic writing, with a whole series of experiments to break with logic and play with nonsense.

13.00 Live silk-screen printing with P. Taladro 

16.00 After-lunch poetry with Ninja Papel and Toni Junyent

All day, Peeeeeeeeets exprès, digital portraits in 15’ with Alba Prado



Alba Prado, Álvaro Giraldo, Andrea Ganuza, Apa-Apa Cómics, Arnau Sanz, Aroha Travé, Bàrbara Alca, Camille Vannier, Clara Corax, Conxita Herrero, Cristina Daura, Daniel Colmenares, Danke Panke, Diego Lorenzini, Do The Print, El Naufraguito, Emma Roulette, Estudio Hukot, Evin Collis, Extinció Edicions, Genie Espinosa, Giulia Sagramola, Impremta Col·lectiva, Incendi, Irkus, Jan Barceló, Jorge Parras, Julia Abalde, Jumbo Press, Kensausage, L’Automàtica, La Cruda, La Laro Lara, La Roda , Laura Endy, Llamp Edicions, Lupa & Sombrero, Marlene Krause, Marta Cartu, Nadia Hafid, Naida Mazzenga, Néstor F., Ninja Papel, Núria Just, Pablo Saulo, Pablo Taladro, Paula Guerrero, Producciones Rodellar, Roberta Vázquez, Rocío Quillahuaman, Rombo, Rosa Codina, Sam Grant, Td Papeles, Underbrain Books, Victor Lama, Viejos Tostaus, Vraha Bijari, Zangano Comix.

Directors: Gutter Fest

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