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Xcèntric 2017

Anne Rees-Mogg. Sentimental Journey

The CCCB's cinema


Anne Rees-Mogg (1924-1984) was a dedicated teacher and an active defender of 16mm film. Her films deal with time, memory, personal relations and the discovery of cinematography. This session presents a series of works that sketch out a short personal journey through the history of the cinema: from the pre-cinematographic devices of the magic lantern to a poetic tutorial about how to make experimental films, via the photography and the time and movement studies of Muybridge.

Anne discovered the film camera late on and started to make films. In a way, her films form part of an ongoing experimental process, of invented techniques, learned and shared transparently. They reflect her humorous thinking and curiosity and, in particular, her interest in concepts such as time and timelessness.

The formal aspects of her works not only present links with the English avant-garde movement of the London Film-Makers’ Co-op (of which she was director between 1981 and 1984), they also explore the way a woman relates to her surroundings and represents her memories. Her films, made with friends and family, are highly personal; in them, cinematographic time acquires a highly personal dimension, like a diary or a memory.

Welcome/Adieu, 1983, 3 min; Grandfather’s Footsteps, 1983, 33 min; Muybridge Film, 1975, 5 min; Sentimental Journey, 1977, 30 min. 16mm screening.


Directors: Anne Rees-Mogg

This activity is part of Xcèntric 2017

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