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Andreu Belsunces

Sporae Vita project: science and technology study-fiction

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Can we use fiction as a means critically to analyse the relation between power, science, technology and culture? We invite you to discover how sociologist Andreu Belsunces created Sporae Vita, an experiment in science and technology study-fiction.

Sporae Vita, one of the pieces exhibited in the exhibition Mars, the Red Mirror, links social science and speculation with the aim of exploring how technoscientific institutions define the meaning and mission of life and humanity.

Set in a post-collapse world, Sporae Vita is the name of the space pollination agency of a new civilization that has restored life to planet Earth by means of bio and geoengineering. The work presents a description of this agency, as well as the results of research about how Sporae Vita reproduces and limits the imaginaries of the future in this civilization yet to come. 

Participants: Andreu Belsunces

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