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Photobook Phenomenon

An Exquisite Cadaver

Photo story workshop with Federico Clavarino

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In the framework of the exhibition "Photobook Phenomenon", and within the programme of the literary festival Kosmopolis, the collective Widephoto presents this theoretical-practical workshop to construct a "set phrase" with photos.

Why is the photobook all the rage as a space of creation? It’s not a new invention, but it’s never been as up-to-date as it is now. Guided by photographer Federico Clavarino, we’ll be constructing a short sequence in which the most anodyne surfaces become doors into the personal imaginary of each participant.

The workshop has a duration of three hours and to participate it is necessary to bring a mobile phone that can take photos. It is designed for adults and children over 12 years.

Participants: Federico Clavarino

This activity is part of Photobook Phenomenon

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