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House, Backyard, Car

A.M. Homes

Alienation in America


The author AM Homes, one of the great voices in US fiction, reflects on power, freedom and American identity following the publication of her latest novel, The Unfolding (Viking, 2022).

For the main character in The Unfolding, a staunch Republican, Obama’s victory in the 2008 election represented the demise of the country’s fundamental values and, at the same time, it served as a catalyst for a bizarre conspiracy among white men intended to avert the disaster. With the acerbic and unsparing style that characterizes her literary voice, in this book AM Homes picks apart the morality of the American conservative bourgeoisie, their fears, their nostalgia, and their blindness to their immediate reality. In this conversation, we explore Homes’s literary universe, always poised to shatter the complacency of the upper classes while delving into the alienation and dissatisfaction in American society and laying bare the personal – and political – crises of her characters.

Moderators: Albert Pijuan

Participants: A.M. Homes

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