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Beta Sessions

AINA. Promoting the Catalan Language in the Digital Age

With researcher Marta Villegas

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The Head of the Language Technologies Unit of the BSC presents AINA, a research project that aims to give the Catalan language sufficient resources to enable citizens to live a digital life in Catalan.

The aim of the AINA project of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) is to develop resources using artificial intelligence (AI) and language technologies (LT) to provide the Catalan language with the necessary infrastructure to create apps based on AI/LT; to guarantee that the inclusion of Catalan in AI/LT apps is profitable and attractive to companies in the sector; promote the AI/LT sector in Catalonia by improving competitiveness, and ensuring that citizens of Catalonia can participate in the digital world in Catalan on the same level as speakers of a global language.


Beta Sessions

This session forms part of a cycle of six informative talks open to the public, in which research teams from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) explain the state of their investigation and projects, which also form part of the exhibition AI: Artificial Intelligence. The aim is to learn about the present and future of AI and supercomputing with the help of the scientific community.

This activity is part of AI: Artificial Intelligence, Beta Sessions

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