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Xcèntric 2017

Afterimages. Films & Performances by Kerry Laitala

The CCCB's cinema


Kerry Laitala is closely involved in direct work in the cinematographic medium—filming, editing and sound design—and the optical printing of much of the material, creating celluloid gems of a strange resonance.

Xcèntric, in collaboration with CRATER-Lab, presents a double bill of films and performances, where San Francisco filmmaker Kerry Laitala proposes her particular exploration of pre- and post-cinematographic creations, phantasmagorias, luminescences, 3D stereoscopy, optical effects and scientific-magical research, which she recombines in pieces using different mediums and formats, offering the spectators not films, but filmic experiences.

With the presence of the artist.

Kerry Laitala:

Afterimage: A Flicker of Life, 2010, video 3D, 11 min; Chromatic Frenzy, 2009, video 3D, 7 min; Conjuror’s Box, 2011, 35 mm, 6 min; Terra Firma, 2005, 35 mm, 8 min; Phantogram, 2008, 16 mm, 8 min; The Color Red Bleeds Blue, 16mm film performance, 20 min, Trip the Light Fantastic, 16mm film performance, 12 min.

CRATER-Lab / Kerry Laitala Workshop:


CRATER-Lab / Kerry Laitala Screening:

Journey into Darkness

Directors: Kerry Laitala

This activity is part of Xcèntric 2017

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